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Throughbolts - Zinc - M8 x 50mm

Throughbolts - Zinc

Product Code: FWAT.1030


A versatile through fixing for use in a wide range of anchoring applications into concrete. Complete with hex full nut and washer. NOTE: If no torque wrench is available, tighten the nut 3 to 4 full turns from finger tight.

Chamfered head design to prevent damage to thread during installation

Zinc plated and passivated (3-5 microns)

Manufactured from cold formed carbon steel (grade 5.8)

Special expansion clip for rapid installation

Product CodeDescriptionPriceSold InPrice PerStockQuantity
FWAT.1030Throughbolts - Zinc - M8 x 50mmlogin for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1000Throughbolts - Zinc - M6 x 40mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1010Throughbolts - Zinc - M6 x 55mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1020Throughbolts - Zinc - M6 x 85mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1040Throughbolts - Zinc - M8 x 80mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1050Throughbolts - Zinc - M8 x 100mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1060Throughbolts - Zinc - M10 x 120mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1070Throughbolts - Zinc - M10 x 75mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1080Throughbolts - Zinc - M10 x 100mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1090Throughbolts - Zinc - M10 x 120mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1095Throughbolts - Zinc - M10 x 130mmlogin for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1100Throughbolts - Zinc - M12 x 80mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1110Throughbolts - Zinc - M12 x 100mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1115Throughbolts - Zinc - M12 x 120mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1120Throughbolts - Zinc - M12 x 140mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1125Throughbolts - Zinc - M12 x 150mmlogin for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1130Throughbolts - Zinc - M12 x 180mmlogin for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1200Throughbolts - Zinc - M16 x 90mmlogin for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1205Throughbolts - Zinc - M16 x 105login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1210Throughbolts - Zinc - M16 x 125login for prices1100In Stock
FWAT.1215Throughbolts - Zinc - M16 x 140login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1220Throughbolts - Zinc - M16 x 150login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1230Throughbolts - Zinc - M16 x 180login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1240Throughbolts - Zinc - M16 x 220login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1250Throughbolts - Zinc - M20 x 125login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1260Throughbolts - Zinc - M20 x 160login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1270Throughbolts - Zinc - M20 x 200login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1280Throughbolts - Zinc - M20 x 220login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1290Throughbolts - Zinc - M20 x 300login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1300Throughbolts - Zinc - M24 x 180login for prices1100Out Of Stock
FWAT.1310Throughbolts - Zinc - M24 x 260login for prices1100Out Of Stock

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