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Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 3mm

Addax Cobalt Drill Bits

Product Code: ADSC.1000


Manufactured from a high quality M35 grade steel. Ideal for drilling holes into stainless steel and other alloy materials. The 135? split point prevents the bit from drifting and enables faster penetration.

Fully ground from solid material

Product CodeDescriptionPriceSold InPrice PerStockQuantity
ADSC.1000Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 3mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1015Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 4mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1010Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 3.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1095Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 12mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1050Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 7.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1085Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 11mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1035Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 6mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1090Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 11.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1025Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1040Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 6.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1055Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 8mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1005Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 3.2mmlogin for prices11Out Of Stock
ADSC.1020Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 4.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1045Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 7mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1075Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 10mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1030Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 5.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1070Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 9.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1060Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 8.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1065Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 9mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1080Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 10.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock
ADSC.1100Addax Cobalt Drill Bit - 12.5mmlogin for prices11In Stock

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